Recently Unfinished Reads


I have borrowed all of these books from the library recently and did not finish them.  I think I know why:

They were audiobooks.

I tend to list to a lot of audiobooks.  But I have found that there are some books out there that I am better off reading with my eyes instead of my ears.

Here are the books and why they are unfinished.

STATION ELEVEN by Emily St. John Mandel

Somewhere in the middle of this book, I just lost interest.  I do not blame the reader of the audiobook, but as I was listening to this, I got annoyed with the constant flipping of attention from one character to another.  It made me frustrated.  I also had a hard time caring about anyone in this book.  That’s just me though.

GRACELING by Kristin Cashore

Okay, this book was meant to be read with eyes and not with ears.  I was listening to a full cast read of this book, and it completely brought me out of the story every time voices changed.

THE CRANE WIFE by Patrick Ness

This was my first Patrick Ness experience.  I really wanted to enjoy this one, but alas.  I was completely bored by this book.  My brain was just coming off of Spell or High Water and I was not in the mood for literary fiction.  I blame myself.

WORLD WAR Z by Max Brooks

Maybe I am just tired of zombies….Nah….That can’t be it…Can it?

I am going to give all of these books another go in print form.


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