The Art of Asking





As it turns out, The Art of Asking is a memoir and a self-development book.

When my wife and I go on vacation, we always pick up an autographed book from a local bookseller.  Most of the time, these books are written and published by locals.

On our last trip to Hudson, we visited The Spotty Dog to have some beer, buy some books, and see old friends.  As I was looking for a book for our collection, I noticed a pile of books on an endcap.

I recognized Amanda Palmer’s face immediately and thought, “I have really been wanting to read this.”  Then, I noticed the sticker on the cover:  Autographed Copy.  SOLD!

I try to not read a book with expectation, but I was secretly  hoping for as many details about life with Neil Gaiman as I could get my eyes around.

I was not disappointed.

This book was so personal.  It almost felt like I was invading her privacy but, you know, with permission.


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