A Very Longmire November

What I Read:  November Edition

You might notice a theme for the month…

longmire book 3Kindness Goes Unpunished by Craig Johnson

anotherAnother Man’s Mocassins by Craig Johnson

darkThe Dark House by Craig Johnson

junkyardJunkyard Dogs by Craig Johnson

hellHell is Empty by Craig Johnson

as the crowAs The Crow Flies by Craig Johson

serpentA Serpent’s Tooth by Craig Johnson

any other nameAny Other Name by Craig Johnson

dry bones

Dry Bones by Craig Johnson

Nine.  That’s nine Longmire mysteries that I tore through in a month, and I am currently reading Wait For Sign which is a collection of short Longmire stories.

One might say this is a little…obsessive, maybe?  But, I have never loved a series before!  I mean, I started Sword of Truth series (Wizard’s First Rule), but stopped reading after the third book (even though I genuinely enjoyed the books).

This is what all of you Game of Thrones readers are talking about when you talk about being hungry for the next book.  I want more Longmire much like I want coffee in the morning.

So, yeah.  Read these.  Get on the Longmire wagon.  Do it now, so we can talk about it!


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