Will Run for …

The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances


The Oatmeal/Matthew Inman


I hesitate to call myself a runner, because I don’t have a regular running schedule anymore.  My running schedule went from four days a week, to not running at all, to Tuesdays and Thursday, to what it is now which is:  I RUN WHEN I WAAAANT!

Why This Book?

I love The Oatmeal.  If you aren’t familiar, then you are clearly not the internet.  I am part internet, so I know The Oatmeal.

The Oatmeal produced a beautiful comic on running a while ago.  As I was trying to convince some coworkers and relatives to start running with me, I remembered the comic, and promptly linked everyone to it.

While I was poking around on the website, I saw that The Oatmeal produced a longer graphic novel-type piece on running that was available on the Kindle.  So, I bought it!

What Is It About?

The Oatmeal’s creator, Matthew Inman, has a special relationship with running and the part of his brain that doesn’t want him to run or move at all really.

This book is about that relationship, and about bees.  Giant bees.


Pretty.  Funny.  Love.

Liked It?

Loved it.  I like to think that by purchasing this book, I have bought Matthew a cup of his favorite purple drink.



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