American Journalist Moves to Paris, Has a Baby, and Becomes French…Maybe

Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting


Pamela Druckermann

 bringing up bebe

 I have no children.  I have 14 nieces and nephews (no Tennessee jokes, please and thank you).  Because of my siblings and their spouses efforts to populate the planet, I have been exposed to all kinds of parenting styles and techniques.

I have been interested in Super Nannies and “child training” since I was little.  I wanted to be useful.  I wanted to help.

My fascination for raising humans to responsible, self-reliant members of society has not died.

Why This Book?

I had not fed my fascination in a long while, but while discussing a family yoga class that I once taught, the subject of training parents to be in the class with their children as equals stirred up the questions again.

I remembered seeing this book on the library website, and thinking it looked interesting.  I went home and put myself on the waiting list.  Finally, it was my turn to read!

What is This Book About?


This book is about more than raising children though it seems that is its only subject in the beginning.  This is very much an anthropological book.

You can read the summary on Goodreads or Amazon, and get a general idea.


I will tell you this:  You do not have to have kids to appreciate, learn from, or enjoy this book.

Liked It?

I really did.  I have been recommending to all of my friends who are new parents or thinking of becoming parents, because I think there are some valuable lessons in this book.

I have also recommended to some grandparents so that they can laugh at how parents now are just insane. 🙂




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