Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1


Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1

by G. Wilson (Author), Adrian Alphona (Illustrator), Sara Pichelli (Illustrator)

Before I dive in, do yourself a favor and download the Comixology app on whatever device you are reading this on.

Even if you love print comics (like me), you will love, love, love so much this app.  And, you get a boatload of free comic when you sign up/sign in.

Why This Book?

I had wanted to read this collection for a while.  I read and heard some good reviews on it on some BookTubers channels and on

What Is It About?

I found this new Ms. Marvel…adorable!  No, really.  This is not your Walking Dead comic series or black magic.  This is colorful, silly, and just a delight to read.

I will say this:  I was skeptical going into it.  I was afraid that the creators make Ms. Marvel a Muslim for shock value, but I was completely wrong.  This book is about a teenage girl who get superpowers.  Period.

The art is absolutely gorgeous, and it makes me crave candy.

Thoughts?  Like it?

I have purchased the other volumes in this series, so Ms. Marvel can call it a win.  I love it.  I am hooked.


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