I Am A Stranger Here Myself





This is the second time I read this glorious collection of “travel” essays by Bill Bryson.

Why this book

I have been working on writing a book of commercial fiction. In writing this commercial fiction book, I have found myself needing to read the opposite of that during the day.

I’m hoping to write some narrative nonfiction in the future about my travels, so I thought it was an excellent time to brush up on my Bryson.

What is this book about

This book is a funny collection of essays about Bill Bryson’s experience moving back to the United States.

 The essays include topics such as his kids going to college, toothpaste in the two, and other such riveting topics.

Like this book? Thoughts?

I love this book. I love anything by Bill Bryson. I secretly aspire to have a Bill Bryson type of catalog some day. (I guess it’s a secret anymore.)

 One of my favorite books that he’s ever written is a walk in the woods which was recently turned into a movie. The movie was great. The book is better. And actually, I am reading that book again for the fourth time right now.

 This book is an excellent introduction to the mind of Bill Bryson, so you should read this one before you read anything else. This is kind of like sitting down and chatting with a friend about things that you chat with your friends about. At least, I talk to my friends about this stuff.


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