The Magicians

The Magicians


Lev Grossman


This book came highly recommended.

Why this book?

I had just wrapped up reading whatever it was I was reading, and I mentioned casually that I would like to get into a good series.  I missed getting know characters really well (like when I read all of the Longmire books in a month).  That is how I landed on The Magicians which is the first in a trilogy.

What is it about?

This book is about magic.  It isn’t about a magical world as much as it is about a handful of people being told that magic exists and they may or may not have the gift.

There is a pretty excellent bad guy.


While I love characters that are not perfect, I really wanted to slap all of these characters (except Elliot) at multiple points.

I liked this book.

I didn’t think I would read the other two upon finishing it, but I did end up reading the final two books in the trilogy.  I greatly enjoyed the second and third books.  This book, however, is not on my favorites list.

It was alright.

I’m glad I read it, because it laid the groundwork for the two that follow.


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