First Completed Read of August: Witches in America by Alex Mar

Why This Book?

I checked out this book from the Nashville Public Library via the Overdrive app, because I liked the cover.  No kidding.  I just thought, “What a lovely cover!”

I did not look at the genre, read the description, or browse reviews.

What Is It About?

The book is a non-fiction piece that is anthropological in execution and personal experience in style.

We met people in different stages of their journey to finding meaning in their lives and purpose through religion (in this case, occult practices).  We do this through the author who stumbles into her own journey to find a spiritual truth.

 How Did I Like It?

I was 50/50 on the book the whole way through.  I did not know if I like it or didn’t like it. I still feel like that now.  But there is a line or two in the book that is a love letter to writing (very end of the book), and I think it was worth it (reading the book) just to understand her love of writing.



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