My Year of Running Dangerously

Yesterday, I finished a great book on running.  It was more of a personal account of running than a running book.

I am a runner.  I don’t run as much as I used to, but I have recently put myself on a training plan, and I have a goal to run 50 miles this month.

No, I don’t plan to run the 50 miles all at once, but someday I might want to.  That’s what the book is about basically.


Keeping with the theme of my previous book blog, I will now answer the following:  why, what, and how.

Why (This Book)?

I like reading books about running.  I saw it on the Overdrive app (which is the app I use to borrow library books) and click it.  Simple.

What (Is The Book About)?

Tom Foreman decides to run a marathon with his daughter and then gets sucked into running.  By the middle of the book, we find him training for an ultra marathan (a 50-ish mile run).

You can read the full synopsis here:  Goodreads Page – My Year…

How (Did I Like It)?

I know I say this about every book I read, but I loved it.  I wanted to read it again immediately after finishing it.

The book is well written.  The writer is honest and human.  I appreciate that.

While Born to Run is my favorite book on running, this one is second.


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