The Hopefuls

I have no idea what this book was about.

I heard on more than one occasion that if you liked The West Wing, then this book is for you.

Being a huge West Wing fan, I immediately checked out the book from the library.  I took it with me over Labor Day break and read.  I read, and I read until there was no more book to be had.

I finished the book and said out loud, “What the hell did I just read?!”

The writing was good.  The characters were fun (and sometimes irritating) to follow, but I have no idea what the point of the book was.  No clue.

I won’t say I didn’t like it, because if I had not liked it, I would not have finished it.

I felt like I was waiting for the book to start.

All of that being said, I laughed some, and got irritated some.


You can read the description of the book here:


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