The Accidental Book Club came about by accident (snicker).

What You Will Find

Here you will find the shortest book reviews.  Mostly consisting of the words, “I liked it.”

Few if any book summaries will be found here.  Why?  Because book summaries and spoilers are everywhere.

What we readers really want to know is how the book made you feel, if you were entertained while reading it, and do you think it is worth spending the time reading.  The ABC aims to answer those questions with the quickest of casual reviews.

I have a write first, edit later policy.  I write the blog post, I post the blog post, and I might edit it a few days later.  It just the way it is.

I like to write these posts as quickly as possible while the book is still fresh on my mind.  This certainly leads to typos and such.  I will do my best to correct them when time allows.  Since we are all here for the book, I thought you wouldn’t mind.

How To Join The Accidental Book Club

It is simple to join the club.  You simply read the content here on the site, select a book, and read.

How to Support The Accidental Book Club

All of the links to books on this page are Amazon Affiliate links, so if you feel so moved, please purchase the books in whatever format via the links.  The Accidental Book Club Amazon store has all of the books and some of the fancy book cover t-shirts that I love.  You can visit the Amazon Affiliate story by clicking here or by visiting:   http://astore.amazon.com/theaccidentalbookclub-20

I get a lot of books from BookOutlet as well, and I have an affiliate link for that as well.  You can use that one by clicking here, and you will get $5 off your first purchase when you sign up through this link.

How Do The Books Land on The Accidental Book Club

All books take different paths to this site.  Some are recently read and some are visitors from the past! Each book is here because it was read and most likely loved.

Read hard.


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